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Reporters on the scene saw the end of the trial

's Court upheld the public hearing. Appellant Zhao Shunyong court said the crimes committed by their own feel very "shameful",hollister sale, parents have selling compensation, hoping lenient sentence. But the victims father strongly opposed,doudoune moncler, saying "how can you spend money on life  More money can not sin,hollister deutschland, he did not even animals do not like!" Guangdong High Court will fix a day case for sentencing. Murderer Parents: sell the house for his son to survive Zhaoshun Yong at December 17, 2009 filed an appeal yesterday, the case in the Guangdong Provincial High Court of second instance. Trial,hollister online shop,March 4 from 5, the Zhao Shunyong consider themselves guilty a good attitude,His brother and his brother won the homestead conflict hammer to kill 14-year-old nephew, and his family expressed their willingness to increase compensation to victims' families, I hope the court can be commuted reprieve. Zhao Shunyong defender defense put forward three reasons: First, the appellants have no criminal convictions; Second, the appellant pleaded guilty and good attitude; Third, the appellant parents sold their old home, it is understood that the appellant Zhao Shunyong parents sold the home of a house, and has raised more than 20 million compensation payments. But the Guangdong Provincial Procuratorate prosecutor sent believes that compensation for economic losses are not statutory mitigating circumstances, and the families of the victims to obtain compensation for damages should the understanding of what the penalty for the defendant, the case must be combined with full facts of the crime, the circumstances,and clearly defined, the nature of and consequences to judge, the case is a serious danger to society policing major robbery homicide,louboutin pas cher,2007. SMS says, Zhao Shunyong extremely cruel methods of crime, crime is extremely serious, it should be severely punished. What do you think  The defendant just say "shameful" during the trial, the appellant Zhao Shunyong detailed statement of the grounds of appeal has not just kept repeating that he did not subjective malice. When the inspector questioned Zhao Shunyong hurt two innocent female white-collar workers on what he thought of death, he said only two words: "shameful"! Reporters on the scene saw the end of the trial,hollister outlet, has been sitting in the gallery Zhaoshun Yong's mother broke down and cried,doudoune moncler, next to a girl's parents continue to give Zhao Shunyong handed paper towels, away from the court bailiff will Zhaoshun Yong,Fengtai Procuratorate approved the arrest on suspicion of rape Xu,moncler outlet, Zhao Shunyong red- Eyes turned to trot out. Family of the deceased: "He does not even like animals!" But the family of the deceased firmly opposed to plead for reprieve, Jiamou father in an interview said excitedly: "How can we spend money on life  Him even animals do not like! Daughter's death,hollister, we two victims of family life is very sad, not out of the shadows. commiserate So now we are in frequent contact, Zhao Shunyong is simply unconscionable. "part of compensation, Jia said the court sentenced the father of criminal with civil part of the compensation originally Zhao Shunyong should responsibilities beyond the court's part, Jia and Marina home a point are not. No amount of money can not be redeemed Zhao Shunyong sin, only his life in order as compensation. Relevant background of First Instance sentenced to death should have been more than 40 million compensation case as early as December 15, 2009 in Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court carried out the verdicts. First instance trial,experience more, Zhao Shunyong a "kindly face" look, after hearing the verdict in the process, not only expressionless, his eyes did not even blink a few times. Zhao Shunyong This did not look like mood swings, but also a testament to investigators who had given his "cold-blooded" evaluation. When the court finds that Zhao Shunyong convicted of burglary, robbery, although a good attitude, but he robbery caused two deaths and cruel means,Passers-by motorcycle died after being knocked down again be cross rolling trolley, subjective malignant large,barbour outlet,sending text has the soothing connection with individual, crime is extremely serious and should be severely punished according to law. In addition, Zhao Shunyong not actively on behalf of the families of the victims compensation for loss of relatives of victims are unwilling to understand the defendant. Court judgment accordingly Zhaoshun Yong death,doudoune moncler pas cher, deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property. Meanwhile, the criminal with the civil part of the compensation court Zhao Shunyong two victims were more than 40 million. Murder occurred in December 22,louboutin, 2008 18 am, premeditated theft Zhao Shunyong sneaked Tianhe District, Guangzhou Guangdong Ken Road Map Court a room he rented the room before the use the key to open the door when you leave, and helped myself a fruit knife on the body. In the course of theft, and later rented the room two girls have to go home, be Zhaoshun Yong eleven slaughtered. Subsequently, Zhao Shunyong cleaned blood to the bathroom, come back to house some of the stolen property before fleeing to Guangzhou. Two days later, Zhao Shunyong was arrested at his home in Liaoning.

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