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canada goose calgary parka Especially , for the social and economic history and study of historical data, marrying a robot in future is an attractive headlines.The chairman of is also interested in this headlines.    Written by researchers from New Zealand's University of Wellington and published recently in the journal Futures, the paper predicts that in the coming decades,some people will begin to patronize hired robot brothels,which will enable them relief from the guilt associated with visiting a flesh-and-blood prostitute.   Some people may have sex with robots in the future that should be obvious by now.Some people even are willing to have sex with any of the family of consumer goods.    However, the relationship between people and robots should be relegated to the bedroom,or will love enter the equation, too?Will The direction of social development support such a change? On current trends,I'd say that the answer is a resounding yes.    For most people, just imagining the prospect of robot sex will make people feel uncomfortable.Robots are reminiscent of alchemists’ combinations of rubber and silicone.Robot has a slack-jaw stupidity that is difficult to separate.Their pale arms covered by gummy, petroleum-product skin.    But Robots of the future will be not the case.These future robots, assembled with a sense of touch and ability to see and make decisions, will have plenty of work to do.They have closely simulate skin,the ability to make eye contact, faux breathing.These future robots, assembled with a sense of touch and the ability to see and make decisions, will have plenty of work to do.I think the future of robots will make a greater contribution to mankind, he will be very close to everyday life and humanity, he will be cheaper.    In 2007's Love and Sex With Robots, the designer of ralph Lauren shirts claimed we humans—that's men and women, only a half century later,who will get hit by a new class of highly evolved human robot.    Many of our social interaction, have been reduced to the barebones transfer of information via various online media:SMS, email, video, and photo sharing, and update personal information, and so on.We daily routine to create online profiles that distill our lives to a list of data points.    Complex, vague human contact, has been replaced by quantifiable formula.We maintain thousands of friendships, more than the history of any time, but at the cost of complexity and depth. Every minute spent online is a minute of face-to-face time lost.     We can not stay away from face- to- face with real people,however, a person can ignore, prohibit, or even delete the respective robot,then a robot could easily bring those online social mores into the real world.    If we look ahead, the robot may become the first venue of future generations to learn social habits.The boss of  has shown the ability to facilitate social interactions with autistic children. If you are raised by robots,perhaps it is not so strange that you love robot.Perhaps it is a true romantic, not a nerd choice.    Maybe you like other articles,for instance,news and life.Please read them.

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canada goose jacket clearance sale Passengers using London's subway network can now make use of freeWi-Fi at some of the UK capital's busiest stations.  London s vast,  sprawling subway system the oldest in the world is hauling itself into the 21st century with the roll-out ofWi-Fi at some of its stations this week.  The move comes as the city gears up for the start of the Olympicson July 27.  Transport for London (TfL),  the body that manages thenetwork,  said passengers at stations such as Oxford Circus,Leicester Square,  Stratford and King s Cross will now be able touse their mobile devices to connect to the web.  There are plans to have around 80 stations connected by the end ofnext month,  and another 40 before the year s out.